Want a surgery free alternative to a facelift?

The Caci facial has become a very popular for rejuvenating facial muscle tone and restoring the face’s youthful appearance.
Our skin specialist will apply a small amount of gel to areas of your face to aid in the conductivity of the small probes. They will then target specific muscle groups that are prone to sagging and wrinkles – the electromagnetic, the same as those that the body itself produces, stimulate those muscles resulting in tighter, tauter and more elastic-looking skin.
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Would you like to be our model?

We are offering 20 treatments only – one hour each for only £15!
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Deep cleanse facial
Skin peel
Non surgical facelift
11/12- 12/12
18/12- 19/12
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Microdermabrasion LED at the La Pelle Skin Clinic

Microdermabrasion uses a very mild abrasive device with LED light to remove dead skin and dirt and can improve the overall condition of the skin as well as being an effective treatment for blackheads, acne and dark circles.

Special Offer! Course of 6 – 20% OFF £260
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Do you worry about crow’s feet?

The most popular treatment for wrinkles, including crow’s feet, is the Caci facial. Your personal consultant may also advise dermal fillers or botox as this may be the best treatment for you.

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Beauty isnt only skin deep… – La Pelle Skin Clinic Chiswick | London 020 3389 9653

Beauty isn’t only skin deep. That’s why every time you receive a treatment from us we offer a full complement of nutritional advice too. We even have a fully qualified nutritionalist on-hand to give you comprehensive guidance to your skin and body problems. For example,…

Do you suffer from broken capillaries or thread veins?

Intense Pulsed Light enables us to collapse the vein and broken capillary without doing any damage to the surrounding outer layers of skin. The wavelength discharged through the pulse of the laser enables the light to reach the targeted veins under the skin, whilst also improving the overall appearance of the skin by evening out skin tone and encouraging the production of collagen. Get in touch for more information or for your free consultation. #London #skin #treatment #veins #brokencapillaries