Beat the Mondays with a Deep Hydration Facial Peel

You look your best when you feel your best, and we know just the thing – a deep hydration facial peel from La Pelle Skin Clinic in London will brighten up even the darkest Mondays! You’ve made it through the day and now is the time to think about you, so why not book a free consultation today on 0203 389 9653 or hit the link?

How do we treat acne and acne rosacea?

We have had so much success over the past decade in treating cases of acne we have it down to a fine art. We use a combination of treatments depending on the severity of the case, from IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to Skin Peels designed specifically for acne sufferers. Topped with an excellent range of skin care products and complete nutritional advice, you’ll be acne-free in no time! Just visit our page to read some of the many success stories, and book a completely free consultation by calling 0203 389 9653 today.

Cacci – Non Surgical Facelift – La Pelle Skin Clinic London

The Caci facial has become a very popular ‘surgery free’ option for rejuvenating facial muscle tone and restoring the face’s youthful appearance. Our skin specialist will apply a small amount of gel to areas of your face to aid in the conductivity of the small probes.


Many people have broken capillaries or veins (also known as broken vessels or red veins) they would like to reduce. Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments can provide an effective broken capillary and vein treatment, as well as being a solution to broken blood vessels.