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6 sessions from £1.020 to £816
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Why not try one of our deep clean facials?

The more treatments you book the bigger the saving!
If you book a course of 4 you get 15% off, for a course of 6 get 20% off and for a course of 10 get 25% off!
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Are you finding that your skin is much drier in colder weather?

One tip is to take shorter showers. You may love your long, hot showers after a long tiring day but this is stripping your skin of essential natural oils. Try to keep them to 10 minutes! #Winter #Skincare #Tip

Give yourself the gift of rejuvenation this festive season! ✨

60 min treatment from £170 to £49 ONLY
Until the 29th of December

Treatment Include:

* Deep Cleanse
* Extraction of blackheads
* Micro Current – Collagen Stimulation
* Wrinkle Revolution – target fine lines and wrinkles
* Intense Hydrating Serum

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Reduce the signs of ageing

The neckline can be found to be one of the most obvious areas of ageing. Although one can take many precautions to avoid ageing signs on the face, the neck often goes untreated. We offer a range of treatments to address the neckline and wrinkles below the face including the Caci facial and dermal fillers/botox.
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