Feel relaxed and rejuvenated with our hydrating facial

Hydrating Facial *SPECIAL OFFER*
60 minutes reduced from £95 to £43 

When none of the lotions or creams in your bathroom cabinet seem to be working it’s a sign that you might need to increase the intensity of your hydration routine. This is a facial that focuses on moisturising using nano molecules, products and current energy designed to soften and plump your skin. 

Treatment includes:
* Deep Cleanse 
* Exfoliation 
* Microcurrent – rejuvenating energy 
* Nano molecule serum 
* Head massage 

* Dryness 
* Dullness 
* Sagging
* Acne prone skin 
* Breakouts 

Your skin will feel hydrated from the inside out, fresh, rejuvenated, glowing, plumped and detoxified. 
To find out more and to book your free consultation call 0203 389 9653 or click the link.

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Author: La Pelle Skin Clinic

Skin Renewal Specialists Here at La Pelle Skin Clinic we specialise in skin rejuvenation procedures and IPL hair removal. We have over a decade of experience in treating various skin conditions and problems to the satisfaction of hundreds of clients.

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